The Home Health Aide Training Program was developed following California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidelines for the education of nurse assistants to become certified home health aides.

This certification allows the home health aide to function as an entry-level worker on a health care team in a home health agency.

2017 HHA Class:

October 19

HHA Requirements:

Must hold a current CNA license

HHA Theory Course Description:

HHA 101
Home Health Aide Theory

This California State approved Home Health Aide Curriculum provides 20 hours of theory

Curriculum content includes: Introduction to Aide and Agency Role, Interpretation of Medical and Social Needs of Clients, Personal Care Services, Nutrition, and Cleaning and Care Tasks in the Home

HHA Clinical Course Description:

HLN 101
Home Health Aide Clinical

The California State approved program provides 20 clinical hours of supervised clinical skills training in a Long Term Care Facility or Assisted Living Facility

HHA Program Intent:

Promote quality of care in the long-term care or home health care setting

Provide entry-level skills for employment as a nurse assistant or home health aide

Expand the role of the CNA as a paraprofessional

HHA Course Hours:

40 hour continuous Training Program taught Mon - Fri

We also offer 5 Saturday HHA classes. Contact us and ask.

4:00 PM - 8:00 PM